Foreign trade consultancy

Business consulting

Salcix emerges as a foreign trade consultancy with a different approach. We adapt to the financial capacity of the company, in addition to being able to meet other needs of our clients when it comes to initiating their internationalization process: their digital image, the adaptation of the website and digital marketing to the target market.

In Salcix we are the specialists in foreign trade that you need to export more, better, and in a sustained way, at the same time that you carelessly financially speaking


Business internationalization

f you are looking for a foreign trade consultant or someone to help you develop your project internationally, search for clients and develop international business, Salcix is your biggest ally.

Outsourcing your exports is the best way to expand your project

Our goal is to grow your business abroad without having to worry about creating an internal structure so you can save the high cost that this entails.

Who are we?

Business internationalization

As your foreign trade consulting, we adapt to your project to get it without internationalizing quickly and economically.

Foreign trade consultancy

We are your foreign trade consultancy. We help you to start or consolidate your business internationalization project, as well as integrate yourself into your team in an autonomous way to achieve the best results.

International commercial agent

We become your export department so you can undertake your internationalization process in the best possible way. We integrate into your team the time you need, always adapting to the economic capacity of your project and the need (or not) of someone dedicated 100% to the internationalization of your project

International contracting and export management

We get customers and distributors of your products or services in the target market. Once we have obtained clients for your product or service, we will begin the operational phase of foreign trade, document management, transport and insurance, so that you dedicate yourself to your project 100%

Digital marketing and web development

We increase the online presence of your project through the creation or improvement of the corporate website, translation and digital marketing actions. We create a digital marketing strategy through search engine ads, social networks, and analysis of what keywords to use to reach your target audience in the target market in your native language.

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