We increase the level of sales abroad

Initiation phase

We represent and help those companies that do not have the economic capacity to take charge of the fixed costs of the international expansion process.
We adapt to your productive capacity and your capacity and your budget.

Expansion phase

We represent and help those companies that already have sales abroad but would like to find new markets and new international clients to increase their export earnings

Foreign trade consultancy

Do you want to sell abroad but you do not know how?

At Salcix we are experts in foreign trade. We take your product wherever you want or after a study, where you have a higher probability of being sold.

You can outsource your commercial actions abroad in us in order to reduce the fixed personnel costs.

Our staff specialized in foreign trade will grow your business, whether you are a small company that has never exported, its export value is low or foreign sales have already been made in the past but you want to increase the volume of foreign trade of the company.

Outsourcing your sales process abroad is the best way to expand your project

Our goal is to grow your business abroad without having to worry about creating an internal structure so you can save the high cost that this entails.

We internationalize your company

If you do not have human resources or international experience and you do not know how to carry out your international expansion, but at the same time you know that the external expansion is really important for the growth of your company, we put at your disposal our team of experts in trade. abroad and export to start the process of internationalization of your company.

We work in phases in the process of internationalization of your company

Analysis phase
We analyze the structure of the company, its ability to adapt it and the product to foreign markets
Analyze yourself
Planification phase
We conduct market studies to see where your product has a higher demand and possibility of being sold successfully.
Contact phase
After finding importers and distributors of your product or service in the target market, our international sales team contacts you and presents your product in your native language.
Report phase
Every month (or with the periodicity that the client decides) a detailed report will be made of everything that has been done and the progress made.
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Is it already clear?