Outsourcing of the export department

We can be your outsourced export department. From support, advice and market research, to adaptations of product packages, website localization, regulation and daily management of exports, our purpose is to enable SMEs to increase their income and benefits through the expansion abroad.

All this said, researching new markets and expanding internationally can be a huge investment in human capital and resources that produces considerable pressure on small and medium-sized businesses. SMEs need expert advice and support to trade internationally, and this is exactly what we provide.

How can Salcix through its outsourcing services of the work of a foreign trade department help you and your business? The Export Department offers a cost-effective alternative to an internal Export function for beginning exporters of SMEs or established exporters seeking to enter new territories. We provide your company with all the knowledge, experience and experience of an internal export department, but with significantly greater flexibility and at a fraction of the cost.

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Our approach can be “strategic”, “practical and operational” or a combination of both. We have the capacity to provide everything from strategic advice and mentoring to a level of service that, fundamentally, allows you to outsource elements or, in fact, all your export activity and workload.

We do this by providing dedicated export staff to work externally, but just as if you were on your team until the export earnings justify hiring a dedicated staff member, if you deem it appropriate.

We are committed to you in any way that commits to offer the best performance to your business; that could be managing the full launch of your new market from research to market entry; or undertake key activities to help strengthen your resource and accelerate things.

Our international and multilingual team is your biggest ally to internationalize your project, working for you the hours you want, with the greatest flexibility and without having to count with fixed costs of hiring labor personnel dedicated to your project

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